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Project 01

(A) The Stuyvesant Act

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Skyscraper – International competition

June 2012



September 8th 1664: Pieter Stuyvesant negotiates the surrender of New Amsterdam.  It is agreed that the city will surrender without fighting, at the condition that every citizen will be safe. Even the condition of the indigenous are in the Stuyvesant act: They will keep their reserve within the city!

Today, this boundary is still visible. The reserve has been preserved, is still independent but well connected to the city of New York. Through history, it has kept its genuine values. Nowadays buildings are inspired by the original shape of the teepee.  Such shape has good qualities to collect natural resources and minimize the shade of the building within its urban environment.

The urban layout is focused on Nature; the buildings harvest natural energies and produce resources.

Co-author(s): Charlotte Besacier, Marwan Filali

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