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Project 01
Project 01

(A) Sub-Venice

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Urban strategy Finalist project (international competition)

July 2011



In order to become “serene” again, the city needs to accommodate a proper structure that will set a new equilibrium between water and the city, even with a considerably higher sea level. This new equilibrium requires a shift of relationship between the sea and the island; we need to move from the “island over the sea” to the “island under the sea” paradigm.

The “osmotic ring” will be the key in reestablishing the equilibrium between the city and the sea. It is a physical barrier that provides fresh water, electricity and sets a fine, although firm limit between Venice and the outside world.

Osmotic power is a process that derives clean power from the mixing of saltwater and fresh water. Saltwater comes from the ocean, fresh water comes from the solar distillers. To even out the concentrations, the fresh water goes through the membrane to dissolve the salt. This creates an extra pressure on the salt water side that is used to activate a turbine that produces energy. By mixing these two types of water, electricity is produced to activate the motors of the pumps in order to keep and maintain the land dry.

SEA-TIES, 20000 cities under the sea: Beyond its simple survival, Venice also shows the path to other cities, teaches them to accept their fate, to change their equilibrium with the sea. The former land progressively becomes a network of entities, all self-sufficient but all connected all independent but all united.

Co-author(s): Gaël Brulé

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