Project 01
Project 01

(A) Floating in Nature

Project Details
Treehouse International competition

April 2014



“Floating” is a hammock, a confortable space, where the guest can fully enjoy the verticality of the forest.

“Floating in air, floating in the forest, floating in Nature.” The guest takes place on a suspended and transparent net. He is immersed within the nature. He floats over the forest carpet, is inside the tree and under the leaves bedcover.

The net is a 10.75sqm confortable, flexible area that fits all the activities. The conveniences are stored within the 43cm thick inner ring. The ring also contains additional protections for rain and insects. Access is provided by external pulley lift or ladder, depending on the context.

Project datas: Cocoon: prefabricated wood framework, radius = 2.6m, structure thickness = 5cm; Ring: wood weaved framework, hexagon profile, interior radius = 1.85m, exterior radius = 2.35m, height = 43cm; Net, Mosquito Net and rain cover: Natural Cotton.

Co-author(s): Delphine Bourgouin

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