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(A) Flipped Park Seattle

Project Details
Urban park Finalist project (international competition)

February 2012

American Institute of Architects Seattle


The proposal is a public space that intertwines urban fabric and Natural Park.

It is an inverted park that protects a large public area: it is like an elevated park that would free space on the ground, flipped so that it is visible by all the people beneath and bent so that it is a controlled, yet natural environment.

The proposal creates a superstructure that evolves and dialogues within its urban environment. It is a city ornament that defines a new place for the urban life.

The public space is flexible and offers opportunities for one to be alone, meditate and spend time with oneself or rather socialize, meet people and make everyday’s problems vanish in a cozy, friendly atmosphere. It invites people to penetrate in it, find the atmosphere they want and provides activities for each and everyone.

However, the public space is not a mere place of entertainment, leisure and rest; it has a positive contribution to the outside world. This park exists or rather will exist: the proposal is about to make the world of public space enter into a new paradigm. More than a public space, it is a morpho-adaptive space that topples the barriers between people and that has a positive contribution to its environment.

Co-author(s): Gaël Brulé, Alexandre Caussel, Marwan Filali

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